5 Things That Helped Me While TTC

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We are at week 25 of my pregnancy y'all!  That means I'm getting closer to my third trimester, still trying to grasp the reality of the miracle happening in my body!  I will give all of my insight on my second trimester soon, but for now, I want to give my tips that helped me while trying to conceive (TTC).  Making a baby seems pretty straight forward:

sperm + egg= baby

This formula is great, unless you've been trying for months, stressing a time frame, or constantly googling everyone else's stories and symptoms.  Although I've miscarried twice, I've been able to get a good feel on the actual process of getting pregnant.  So, I've got my top 5 tips on TTC.  I decided to put them all in a video, because talking to myself in the camera was more fun than typing it all out! Be sure to watch in HD for the best quality!

For those that came for the bullet points, here they are:

1.  Use a Period Tracker/ Fertility App

2.  Use a Digital Ovulation Kit

3.  Find A Hobby/Activity Other Than Trying to Get Pregnant

4.  Create a Circle of Love/Support

5.  Enjoy the Baby Making

I hope the video and these tips help or maybe you can relate to them as well!  To all my mom's in waiting, just remember that all of our bodies are different and work in different ways in their own time <3