Why I Stopped Trying to Get My Pre-pregnancy Body Back


Here I am nine months pregnant and nine months postpartum. I still can’t believe my body changed so much and created the sweetest little miracle. Since giving birth, it’s taken a lot of work becoming the woman on the right. Childbirth required healing in more than one way. My confidence and self-talk had to make some serious adjustments before I could even begin to make any physical changes.

During pregnancy, my hips expanded, my breasts swelled with milk and my stomach stretched to accommodate my baby girl. These are easily recognized signs that are typically celebrated on our journey to motherhood. After pregnancy, I got stretch marks, loose skin and way less than perky boobs. In a “snap back” world, none of these features are celebrated.  I was ready to quickly cover up signs of motherhood as if they were offensive.

When I looked at pre-baby pictures of my body, I quickly got sad and discouraged. It seemed impossible to get back to that toned, agile body. After learning I had diastasis recti, I realized that I would not be a “snap back mom,” and my old body would really just be a memory. It wasn’t until I was healing my diastasis recti that my perspective shifted on the way I viewed my body and my goals completely changed.

I wasn’t going to have my old body back unless I went under the knife and I’m just not interested in that right now. So, I finally let go of the pressure to be my old self. I just wanted to get better and stronger everyday. That’s the only reason my after picture looks the way it does. It’s not just because I worked out or ate better. It’s because I decided that my body isn’t supposed to be a conduit of perfection, but constant improvement. That gives me the grace and space to appreciate and continue to take care of my body.