Cardio and Curls ft. Carol's Daughter Rhassoul Clay

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Does anyone else deal with the struggle of trying to get in a good sweat without always sweating out your hair?!  I know a lot of women that don't want to wash or style their hair every day and I feel the same way.   When I over wash my hair, it gets really dry and it's just no fun!  Carol's Daughter has launched a new Rhassoul Clay Active Living Hair care line, so I don't have to choose between an active lifestyle and keeping my hair healthy and styled.   This "active living hair care" is made to draw out impurities and balance moisture.

I like to style my hair in a bun, top knot or pineapple to help preserve my curls, but I've learned that longevity in a style begins with your cleansing and conditioning.   The Rhassoul Clay line includes a cleansing shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.  There aren't any sulfates or parabens in any of the products and of course each one smells AMAZING!  To shampoo, I add the product to wet hair and massage it into my scalp (little attention to my ends) and then rinse it out.  I brush and detangle my hair after adding the conditioner, then rinse it out.

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I LOVE a good hair mask!  It just seals the deal for softness of my hair.  I love the Almond Milk Hair Mask from Carol's Daughter and the Rhassoul Clay gives me the same curl revitalization.  Of course, your styling products help hold your braid out or twist out (try their Hair Milk), but this cleansing and conditioning system works great for maintaining healthy hair!  

Do you have any tips on maintaining your hair throughout the week?  Let me know below!  If you like what you've read or it's helpful in any way, tap the heart so I'll know!


**Thank you Carol's Daughter for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own!**