Fabletics: Casting Call & Photoshoot Recap

Last Tuesday, I found out about a Fabletics casting in Charlotte, NC from a friend.  This casting was open to everyone, I figured I had nothing to lose and I decided to go for it.

There were so many other beautiful girls around!  Some were models, some were really fit and some were just great looking girls.  After filling out a registration form, I took a headshot, grabbed a couple of cute pieces, and left with some free flip flops.  As far as I was concerned, I was already a winner.  I know it's a little cliche, but I think my biggest feat was actually showing up!  Sometimes we miss out on our biggest opportunities because we don't SHOW UP!

A few days later, I found out that out of 420 girls, I was one of the twenty selected to be a part of a photo shoot!  YAAAAY!  I was so excited and a bit anxious.  I post photos on my blog and Instagram all the time but this was a little different.  The day before the shoot, I went in the store and got to pick out my outfit.

The morning of the shoot I was really anxious but still excited!  Working with stylist Stacee Michelle and photographer Wanda Koch was so fun, and I really met some amazing people!!

Mistakes lead to failure, but so do all the chances we don't take!  I'm not sure if anything with happen for me after this photoshoot but it's definitely a boost to my confidence and a push to keep going after my dreams!  I want to change lives and influence others all while being true to myself.  I've made excuses, I've been distracted, I've wanted to give up, I've been thrown some curve balls and questioned so many things!  But even through all of that, I've learned to keep going because it's my dream and by God, it's going to happen!

So, I challenge you to really think about your dreams and what you are really passionate about!  Make a plan and go for it!  Even if it takes time, requires multiple steps or faces a few "no's"---keep going!