Just Being Britt Shop Is Open! Pre-order today!

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"Be your own influencer," they say!  I love working with other brands promoting positive messages and amazing products; that's a really cool part about being a content creator.  But I'm even more excited to put that same enthusiasm in promoting the opening of the Just Being Britt Shop!  July is my birthday month {Hey Leos!!!} and I'm starting it with a bang!

I launched my first shop back in 2014 selling my Beauty in Beast Mode tanks.  I remember thinking it was such a cute phrase so "what the heck, put it on a shirt."  Without any master plan, I created a design, put it on a shirt and sold a few tanks.  Soon after, I got married, lived in Istanbul, Turkey for four months, then moved back home.  Let's just say, someone picked up where I left off, without my permission! 

I learned A LOT from that situation and from that moment forward, I became very intentional with my brand and wanted to make sure it grew into a strong, functional business.  I also learned that failure is nothing more than a chance to switch up my strategy.  It's an opportunity to learn and grow and that's exactly what I've done between now and when I sold my first tanks. 

I'm so excited about these tanks because they are "street-to-gym" wear!  Ya'll know that's my fave!  You can style these tanks with jeans for a fun time or leggings for a full force workout!  Pair it with your fave sports bra, a bandeau or a cute bralette. 

It just want to remind you that your dreams and goals have value; you just have to Grind For It Gorgeous.  Stay committed to your health and remember Squats Are Bae!

I've been anxious to open a shop on this site for some time but was hesitant because I didn't know how things would go.  It can be frightening creating something new, falling in love with it and hoping others will too. 

Every like, comment and purchase means the world to me, so thanks in advance for your support!  Tanks are available for pre-order and will be shipped by July 15th!  Use the code LAUNCH at checkout for a 10% discount!