My 2nd Trimester Recap

Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Pregnancy Journey Pregnancy After Miscarriage 2nd Trimester

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and officially can’t see anything past my belly! It’s getting harder to believe the speed of time is always consistent now that I’m in my 3rd trimester. One minute I’m gradually watching my baby bump grow and feel small kicks, and the next thing I know, my stomach is huge and it feels like baby girl already knows kung-fu! There are definitely some distinct differences between my 1st trimester and my 2nd trimester and a lot of new experiences to share. Although I’m still nervous at times, my fears of miscarriage started to fade and I actually began to enjoy being pregnant. So let’s get right to it.


Baby Prep Classes

As someone whose research doesn’t extend far beyond Google, I highly suggest taking classes to prepare you for the birth of your baby. Classes are offered free at my hospital for mothers that deliver there so it was a relief not to worry about what insurance was or wasn’t going to claim (babies are expensive!). My husband and I attended an Infant Care Class where we learned the basics about bathing, feeding, general care and care for sick infants. I haven’t changed a diaper in years and I don’t think my husband ever has; so, putting a diaper on a doll baby was a funny learning experience. I’ve signed up for Breastfeeding, Childbirth Preparation and Infant CPR classes for the month of October to help prepare me as I get closer to my due date.

Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Pregnancy Journey 2nd Trimester Infant Care Class

Glucose Testing

I was pretty anxious about glucose screening because this is when you find out whether or not you have gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes isn’t always directly determined by how “healthy” you are, but how your body processes sugar. I had to drink 8 ounces of a really sweet, orange flavored drink and then wait an hour to have my blood drawn. Fortunately, my glucose levels were fine, but my hemoglobin was low! This actually made a lot of sense because I was feeling pretty crappy, low on energy and nauseous for a week. Once I took an iron supplement (in addition to my prenatal), I felt much better.

Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Glucose Screening Testing Pregnancy Journey

Anatomy Scan- Level II Ultrasound Results

One of the best things about getting an anatomy scan is finding out the gender of the baby. However, the ultrasound tech is actually examining ALL the parts of the baby to ensure normal development. During my exam, I noticed the tech taking a little bit longer looking at baby’s heart. Afterwards, we found out that a spot was noticed on the ultrasound and I was referred to a specialist for a Level II Ultrasound.

I managed to make it to the car before freaking out. Fortunately, my husband keeps his cool way better than I do. I had to wait about a month before I got this second ultrasound. Instead of worrying myself sick, I found peace in feeling baby’s movements and just trusting that everything would be okay. Once we arrived for our appointment, we found out that her heart had an echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF). This is a small calcium deposit in the muscle of her heart. I was a little scared, but found out they typically don’t cause any health problems and sometimes they disappear by the 3rd trimester. All of my blood tests came back low risk for abnormalities, so that gave me some comfort. We also got treated with a 3-D ultrasound, although I think it was a little too early to guess if she looks like anyone in particular. I’m not sure when my next ultrasound will be, but hopefully I will get good news at that appointment.

Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Pregnancy Journey


Keep that Same Energy: I know a lot of women tend to feel a great shift in energy during the 2nd trimester. My shift was more like a soft tap. Although I did notice a slight change in energy and my ability to nap a little less, it only lasted about 4 weeks. It was still hard to avoid an afternoon nap, and when I did, I was off to bed much earlier.

Clear Skin: My face has never been as clear, soft and smooth as it is now. Prior to getting pregnant, I struggled with acne a bit. Once I found a good skin care routine, I would have clear skin for about a month or so before I would have a small breakout. I know some of my acne was hormonal, so I wonder if all the hormones from this pregnancy actually helped my skin. Either way, I’m grateful and enjoy almost never wearing make-up. I’m just hoping that after delivery, my face doesn’t go crazy.

Sweet Tooth: I’ve eaten more sweets in the last 6 months than I did in an entire year before I got pregnant! This includes a variety of fruit, honey buns, and chocolate! I’ve managed to decrease my refined sugars, but I’m a sucker for a sweet potato pie. Sweet potatoes make it okay though, right?

Pelvic Pain: This has been a defining symptom of my pregnancy. I know many women experience nausea and sickness, but pelvic pain has been my achillies heel. I’ve cut back on many of my favorite workouts and even walking for a long period of time can cause bad pain. Sometimes standing or rolling over in bed can be really painful. Wearing heels can even set of pain that will last all night. When I talked to my doctor, he let me know I could see a chiropractor to help, but pelvic pain comes along with pregnancy. And it sucks.

Back Aches: Towards the end of my 2nd trimester, the slight arch in my back that I used to find so sexy was now annoying. With a growing belly on my small frame, sitting upright or walking around the store began to feel uncomfortable. Sitting with pillows to support my back and a few back rubs seem to help.

Baby Ninja: The first time I felt my baby move was the most amazing feeling. I felt her first movements around 18 weeks. Every week her kicks and moves get stronger and stronger. Feeling her move helps keep my anxiety away. However, the stronger her movements are, the more uncomfortable they can be. Sometimes she is active all day and I just roll with the punches!


Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Pregnancy Journey 2nd Trimester

Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester, S%*! is getting very real. I’ve completed my registries and sent out some invites for baby showers. My husband also painted our nursery and I’m super excited to decorate and share my mood board with you soon!