Living Outside the Country| 5 Keys to Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone

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I don't know how many times I've heard or read that I have to go outside of my "comfort zone" in order to grow or to see more positive changes in my life.  I don't know about you, but I ask questions before I go anywhere!  Why do I have to leave?  Who made this rule?  Who made this zone?  What are the boundaries?  How far do I have to go?

Apparently there aren't many boundaries and you have to make a choice: sulk in complacency and fear or make the most out of your experiences.  I have to face this decision right now while I'm overseas.  I don't speak the language, the culture is different and sometimes I miss being in America, but I've decided to make my happiness happen while I'm here in Thessaloniki.  After all, it's Greece!

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First up, I found a gym!  I googled a few places and happened to pass by one while driving so we stopped and went inside.  The facility is nice and so is the staff so I'm super excited and anxious to get back in the gym.  I'm pretty sure my first week back will be full of soreness.

Brittany Jenkins Fintess Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt JustBeingBritt

We have a habit of ordering food here because a lot of the stores are closed on Sundays.  This sucks for me because I'm used to shopping and prepping my food on Sundays back home.  So, I have to remember to plan ahead if I'm going to avoid gaining an extra ten pounds of fat!

Brittany Jenkins Fintess Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt JustBeingBritt
Brittany Jenkins Fintess Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt JustBeingBritt

I'm excited to say there are a lot of things to do in Thessaloniki.  Dance studios, yoga, seaside restaurants, sightseeing and even nice clubs that play hip hop music.  I've recently attended a twerk class [YES a twerk class] with a couple of the [amazing] girls that are also visiting this season.  Hopefully they will be willing to go along with any other activities I find around here!

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My final adjustment has been getting used to a large fan base here.  Compared to any other country I've visited, I have to say the fans for this team top the list!  Of course that has pros and cons.  It's great when the team wins a game, but if they lose, it's a very sad, sad day!  Or even week!  I know these guys are practicing and working really hard to be great at what they do, so sometimes negative comments from fans can feel quite jaded.  BUT, that's what happens when passion meets the game!  They also keep a close eye on the players and what goes on in their lives.  I've even had an article written about me HERE.  Moreover, it's still exciting and I hope we win more than we lose!  Haha!

I'm just taking in each and every experience I have here and make it work for me!  So, just how can YOU adapt, adjust and step out of this "comfort zone?"

Keys To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone Just Being Britt
  1. Find what makes you uncomfortable and why you make any excuses. To find a solution, you have to know the problem. Figure out why you're still feeling stuck. Are you in an unfamiliar place? Do your dreams feel too big? Are you afraid of rejection? Do you need resources or a mentor to help? Figure out what's holding you back and where you want to be.

  2. Face your fears and actually step out! You've actually got to move! This might be finally starting your business, pursuing your fitness goals, moving to a new state or searching for a new job! You can't get to a new place or achieve a new result without MOVING! So, start with a plan that's unique for you and progressively take steps to accomplish your goals.

  3. Take a risk. Even if it means you fail the first time. There's no learning or growth without taking a few hits along the way. Learn from your mistakes then keep going.

  4. Let perfection go. This is such an important life lesson that I've learned over and over again. Authenticity beats perfection every time! Sometimes the most imperfect results make us even stronger, more creative and quite resilient.

  5. Stay accountable. Always do a bit of self-evaluation and note what works and what doesn't work. It's great to chase our dreams and goals, but always be sure you're still going in the right direction or find out what changes you can make to your plans to execute them better.

Have you had to face some fears and step outside of your comfort zone?  Did you find this helpful?  If so, tap the heart for me so I'll know!