Overseas Basketball Wife | A Possible Distant Delivery

One of the hardest “see ya later” we’ve ever had. 10/9/18

One of the hardest “see ya later” we’ve ever had. 10/9/18

My husband has played professional basketball overseas for the last ten years. For the last four years of our marriage, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel and experience new countries together. This hasn’t happened without hardships and unexpected challenges; nonetheless, being together always makes it worthwhile. I’m usually packing my bags and preparing to join him around this time, but being pregnant has changed our typical plans this year.

Where will we have the baby?

After miscarrying twice, I really want the comfort of my family and closest friends, doctors who speak great English, and just the comfort of being in my own home. With all that comfort comes sacrifice; a sacrifice that, unfortunately, falls primarily on my husband. This year, he’s playing for a team in Astana, Kazakhstan. Kazakha-WHERE?! It’s a country in Asia with some pretty harsh winters. Now, there are women who live abroad and deliver healthy babies in many different countries, but we chose to keep the delivery of our baby in America.

Will my husband get to come home for the baby’s birth?

We have no idea. After looking at his schedule, it looks like there will be an opportunity for him to come home around my due date. However, we do not have a scheduled induction or c-section, and even though Jesus and I have a great relationship, he didn’t tell me when baby MJ is coming. So, everything is pretty much up in the air. I could freak out, panic or complain, but I won’t. The very fact that I’m still pregnant, that my husband has an opportunity to do what he loves and provide for our family, that we even have a choice, humbles me tremendously. Although it might be unconventional, we may have a FaceTime call or video set up just in case.

Will I join him overseas?

It’s very possible that I will travel abroad after the birth of our baby, but not too soon. I’ve never been a mom, but from what I can tell, it requires a lot of adjustments and a lot of learning. If it is safe and we are both comfortable, baby MJ will get her first passport stamps next year!

Love is patient…always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

When you have a wedding, it’s a great time to turn-up and celebrate. But your actual marriage requires you to stay prayed up and communicate- to protect, to trust, to hope and to persevere. This is a beautiful, yet challenging time right now, but I know we’ll be able to look back at this time and say “yeah, we did that!”

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