Log Off Sis! 4 Signs You Should Take a Social Media Break

Fitness Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Fitness Social Media Break

I admit it.  I can be a little obsessive picking up my phone every thirty minutes to check Snapchat or Instagram.  If I'm not looking at other posts, I'm creating content for my blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Snapchatting.  It's not to say social media is good or bad, but too much of a good thing can be bad.  I initially turned off all of my notifications so that I'm not distracted or obsessed with likes, comments and engagement, but that didn't stop me from grabbing my phone every half hour (at least).  Then the ups and downs of life happened and I realized I needed a break from keeping up these timely posts.  I recently took about a month break from posting on most of my social media accounts and it was probably the best thing I could do.  

Fitness Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Fitness Social Media Break
Fitness Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Fitness Social Media Break

Have you thought about unplugging lately?  Well, here are a few signs that you just might needa break:

1. There is a lot going on in your personal life.

Life is like an ocean sometimes.  One minute you are just enjoying the water & taking the perfect picture for Instagram and the next thing you know, a wave just knocks the crap out of you.  Now, you have this salty water in your eyes and mouth and you’re walking around looking like a zombie trying to make your way back to your towel! Who cares about a picture after that?  My point is that sometimes you need to take the time to nurture your personal life instead of worrying about others keeping up with your virtual life.  You have to deal with whatever is happening in your life regardless as to whether or not people are double tapping your pictures.  So, just log off sis.

2.  You are constantly comparing yourself to other people.

Social media is a gift and curse.  I like to use my social media platforms to bring awareness to my brand and hopefully inspire, encourage and network with others.  It’s a great resource in that aspect.  But with most people putting their best selves online, it’s easy to fall in the trap of constantly comparing your life with someone else.  Whether it’s the way they look, what they have, who they are with, where they travel or what they do, it’s easy to want the lifestyle of someone else or feel less confident about your own.  Highlight reels are not real life, so just log off sis!

3. You are uninspired and unproductive.

I admit it's happened to me.  One minute I'm checking my notifications on Instagram and the next thing I know, a whole hour has passed and I haven't done anything but sit in that same spot!  I think we are all guilty of getting carried away reading statuses, endless scrolling and the latest "Twitter Bae" story.  You have an actual life to live outside of that and if you are stuck adulting like the rest of the world, you have business to handle!  So, if you find yourself constantly distracted at work or unable to finish your projects {say it with me}, log off sis!

4. Your authenticity is being compromised.

I admit I probably have four pictures saved in my Instagram drafts that I never posted because I felt like I wasn’t being myself.  I don't live a cookie-cutter life, I don't always eat my veggies, and I hate running.  So, I refuse to post anything that conveys that.  Staying true to yourself isn't always easy, but putting on a front just so other people can like you is detrimental to your well being.  If someone follows me or if someone likes what I do, I want it to happen because it's who I really am and not who I want people to believe I am.  Take a look at your recent posts and pictures.  If they don't reflect who you truly are, take some time and log off sis.

Because social media is practically a part of our everyday lives, it can be difficult to just quit cold turkey.  A break can be 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month.  Unplugging, even if just for a little while, can be really beneficial.  If your social media platforms are a part of your business, there are tools online, like Hootsuite, that you can use to schedule posts so that you aren't tempted to get lost in social media space.

"But ohmygoooosh what will I do with my time if I log off sis??"

Finish your work, set new goals, hit the gym, spend quality time with friends and family, travel, or anything really!  All of it still happens even if you don't share it with the world!  I promise. You just may find that you have greater focus and a better attitude.

Have you ever needed a social media break? How long could you stay away?

Fitness Lifestyle Blog Just Being Britt Brittany Jenkins Fitness Social Media Break